Group Booking Procedures

Group Booking Procedures (Effective from 26th March 2019 to Until Further Notice)


  1. A group on AIR KBZ is a party of 10 or more passengers traveling together over one or more segments.

  2. Group Fare Basis refer to GV 10 and GV 15.

GV10 ‐ minimum 10 passengers

GV15 ‐ minimum 15 passengers

(1) Name

A group name is a unique name assigned to each group or individual for the purpose of establishing the identify of passengers travelling together. The name must be recorded as received and must not be modified unless authorized by Reservation Control.

When individual passenger names are available, booking office shall immediately enter all the names. When only some names are available, enter the available names. The remaining names shall be advised as soon as possible before the time limit expires which may be set up by Reservation Control. If names are not available on expiry of the time limit,the seats might be released.

The confirmation of group depends on the forecast for the particular flights,fare level and availability of seats.

(2) Fare

When making a reservation request for a group , the booking office shall advise the fare basis and ticketing code in order to facilitate the evaluation of the acceptance of the business by the management.

(2.1) Booking Policy and Time Limits

On certain flights due to the size of group and to prevent any loss of space, AIR KBZ requires to amend the booking procedures in order to hold the space. After providing the deposit, the book timelimit will be set up as per follows:

SrGroup SizeFare BasisTimelimit
110 ‐14 Pax (Both Adult and Child)GV 10Before departure 21 Days
215 Pax and above (Both Adult and Child)GV 15Before departure 21 Days

(3) Deposit

(3.1) Deposit will be collected according to group size and fare basis.

SrGroup SizeFare BasisDepositRemark
110 ‐14 Pax (Both Adult and Child)GV 1010%
215 Pax and above (Both Adult and Child)GV 1520%On Total amount

(3.2) Deposit will be collected during before departure (1) month for low season departure booking (MAY, JUN, JUL, AUG, SEP).

Deposit will be collected during before departure (2) month for high season departure booking (JAN, FEB, MAR, APR, OCT, NOV, DEC).

(3.3) If the bookings are made cancellation by travel agents, deposit will not be refunded.

(4) Other Terms and Conditions

SrTitleGV 10GV15
2Name Change25 USD
3Refund50% on Deduct Base Fare
4No Show Fee10 USD
5Cancellation fee10%