Sky Smile Member Termination Process and Card Loss

Termination Process

A Sky Smile member may deliver, at any time during his membership, a written or electronic termination request to the AIR KBZ and MAI Head office. The request must state the membership number, first name, surname, date of birth, date of membership termination, and, in the event of a written request, signature.  An electronic termination request must be submitted from the e-mail address that the Sky Smile member stated as his contact address; otherwise, the request cannot be accepted as a valid request for the termination of membership.

As at the membership termination or member expulsion date, any and all claims and rights arising from Sky Smile, that a member may have with respect to AIR KBZ and MAI shall cease to exist.

Card Lost or Damage Process

In case that the member card is lost or damaged, we will charge MMK 7,000 for new replacement.